International Association of Free Thought

Oslo 2011

Foundation of the International Association of Free Thought
(at the initiative of the International Liaison Committee of Atheists and Freethinkers)


The 10th August 2011 in Oslo (Norway), 150 free-thinkers and atheists from 18 countries (Germany, England, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Spain, Finland, France, India, Italy, Lebanon, Norway, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, the United States) have founded the International Association of Freethought.

We then reconstituted the founding congresses of international free thought held from 1880 (Brussels), in particular the congress of free thinkers in Rome (1904) which opened the campaign for separation of churches and states in several countries. It is for promotion and continuation of this fight that we considered it useful and necessary to rebuild this international organization.

Connected with IHEU, our international association will be fully independent and will not compete with the IHEU.

An international council has been elected, as well as 6 spokespersons: Christian Eyschen (France), David Rand (Canada), Albert Riba (Espagne), David Silverman (USA), Antonio vergara (Chili), Keith Porteous Wood (Royaume-Uni)

A website has been opened and 3 initial international campaigns have been decided:


We urge all atheists and freethinkers and their organizations to join forces with the new International Association of Freethought to fight together for freedom of conscience and separation of religious institutions and states.

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